Andrei Sannikov: Terrorism in Paris and violence in Minsk are same things

14:47 14.01.2015

Freedom all over the world is in danger today. Radio France Internationale talked to Andrei Sannikov, a former political prisoner, leader of the European Belarus civil campaign and candidate for presidency in 2010, who came to Paris for the Republican March.

13:39 18.12.2014

The Situation in Belarus in the Context of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict - Conference in Warsaw University

Compromises with dictators are just going to undermine the European Union. A conference The Situation in Belarus in the Context of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict was held on December 10, on the International Human Rights Day, in Warsaw University. Among the participants of the conference there were a former ambassador of Poland to Belarus Mariusz Maszkiewicz, the leader of the civil campaign European Belarus Andrei Sannikov, the Executive Director of the European Academy of Diplomacy Katarzyna Pisarska and the head of the informational department of Norwegian Helsinki Committee Berit Lindeman. A professor of Warsaw University Radislawa Gortat was a moderator of the discussion.

13:23 18.12.2014

"Voice of America": Ukrainian dream of Andrei Sannikov

Taras Burnos, "Voice of America"

Belarus needs a path to democracy, not the stability of the dictatorship, Belarusian opposition members think. Belarusian opposition members call on official Kyiv not to share the interest in the dictatorial regime of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Andrei Sannkov, a former presidential candidate and coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, said it in Kyiv on December 16 ahead of the fourth anniversary of the suppression of the mass post-election protests in Belarus.

18:02 15.10.2014

Andrei Sannikov: Europes Turning To Dictators International Helps Putin

Until the Dictators International exists, Ukraine and Europe will be in danger. Ukraines chances to survive are weak today and gloomy in the future. The reason for this is the position of the major player in the war in Ukraine. This player is not Russia that unleashed the war in Ukraine. This player is the West or, to be more precise Europe - Andrei Sannikov, the leader of the European Belarus civil campaign emphasized in the article, published recently in "The Interpreter".

13:07 23.09.2014

Discussion and screening of the film Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus - invitation

European Belarus Foundation with support of: International Solidarity Fund, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, Civic Solidarity Platform and Great Curve Films is pleased to invite you to a side event: "Situation in Belarus 15 years after political disappearances. Discussion and screening of the film Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus The event will take place during the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting on Thursday, 25 September 2014 at 18:00 - 20:00 Opera Room, in Sofitel Victoria (Warsaw, ul. Krolewska 11).

22:27 20.04.2012

A Tale of Two Brave Men

Why Belarusian Dissidents Still Need Europes Help.

19:27 19.04.2012

Bratislava: Belarus Action 2012 (FOTO)

Civic Association Ad hoc has cooperated with JEF Slovakia on the organization of Belarus Action 2012 that was organized on 4 April 2012.

6:10 17.04.2012

Belarusian issue at GLOBSEC-2012 (Photo)

Uladzimir Kobets, a coordinator of European Belarus civil campaign, took part in the prestigious GLOBSEC-2012 transatlantic forum.

12:50 4.02.2012

Zmitser Bandarenka applied for pardon

The political prisoner, who was denied parole in spite of serious problems with health, applied for a pardon on February 1.

9:17 3.02.2012

Alyaksandr Atroshchankau: Lets shape countrys future together

On Thursday a press-conference of the initiative group on boycott of the elections to the chamber of representatives was held in Minsk.

14:54 2.02.2012

Boycott will liberate political prisoners

Boycott campaign initiative group called upon Belarusians to ignore the parliamentary election.

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