A Tale of Two Brave Men

22:27 20.04.2012

Why Belarusian Dissidents Still Need Europes Help.

19:27 19.04.2012

Bratislava: Belarus Action 2012 (FOTO)

Civic Association Ad hoc has cooperated with JEF Slovakia on the organization of Belarus Action 2012 that was organized on 4 April 2012.

6:10 17.04.2012

Belarusian issue at GLOBSEC-2012 (Photo)

Uladzimir Kobets, a coordinator of European Belarus civil campaign, took part in the prestigious GLOBSEC-2012 transatlantic forum.

12:50 4.02.2012

Zmitser Bandarenka applied for pardon

The political prisoner, who was denied parole in spite of serious problems with health, applied for a pardon on February 1.

9:17 3.02.2012

Alyaksandr Atroshchankau: Lets shape countrys future together

On Thursday a press-conference of the initiative group on boycott of the elections to the chamber of representatives was held in Minsk.

14:54 2.02.2012

Boycott will liberate political prisoners

Boycott campaign initiative group called upon Belarusians to ignore the parliamentary election.

11:01 11.12.2011

European marathon of solidarity

On the eve of the anniversary of a tragic day for Belarus, the day of the falsified elections - 19 December 2010 - Belarusians in Europe are preparing a number of activities to draw attention to the fate of totalitarian Belarus and the Belarusians who live there.

12:46 8.12.2011

Andrei Sannikov's lawyer has again been refused access to client

The lawyer planned to visit the presidential candidate on 8 December. According to Irina Khalip, the wife of the political prisoner, the lawyer left a note in the book of complaints and went along a familiar circular route: to complain to the prosecutor of Vitebsk region, to the Vitebsk administration of the Department of Corrections, BelaPAN reports.

13:57 21.11.2011

Dmitrii Bondarenko has been transferred to the prison unit with a bad back

On 11 November, the political prisoner was returned from the medical unit to the prison unit of Mogilyov colony No. 15.

10:50 7.11.2011

Mogilyov: Go away! (Photos)

Activists of "European Belarus" from Mogilyov have demanded the resignation of the dictator.

17:23 6.11.2011

In Warsaw, it has been shown how Lukashenka "won the elections" (Photos)

On the evening of 4 November near Centrum metro station in Warsaw, a rally took place in support of Belarusian political prisoners.

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